• Centralize system for all department
  • Improving integration, flexibility & quicker    benefit
  • Fewer errors
  • Improved speed and efficiency
  • More complete access to information – accounts, sales, orders, payments etc
  • Lower Costs
  • Empower Employees
  • Satisfy Partners, Customers and Suppliers
  • Sustained involvement and commitment of the top management


ERP: personal, flexible and adaptable—for the way you work

We provide low cost of ownership and customize ERP system by standardizing one application to manage multiple business functions/departments.

We like to think, SMD Cloud ERP is a tool that benefits to any industries like Trading, manufacturing, logistic, retails, education, telecommunication, technology, or any SME businesses.

Scenario 1: Before ERP

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Delays,  Lost Orders, Keying into different computer systems invites errors, customer dissatisfaction

Scenario 2: After ERP

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What benefits How
Reliable information access Common DBMS, consistent and accurate data, improved reports.
Reliable information access Avoid data and operations redundancy Modules access same data from the central database, avoids multiple data input and update operations.
Delivery and cycle time reduction Minimizes retrieving and reporting delays.
Cost reduction Time savings, improved control by enterprise-wide analysis of organizational decisions
Easy adaptability Changes in business processes easy to adapt and restructure.
Improved scalability Structured and modular design with
Improved maintenances Vendor-supported long-term contract as part of the system procurement
Global outreach Extended modules such as CRM and SCM
E-Commerce, e-business Internet commerce, collaborative culture


Real-time information to make decisions

  • Manager Decision Matters: Most of time, your staff/employee or managers, they make decisions based on guesswork and rules of thumb because they don’t have the data they need. Sometimes they are the right decisions but there might be risk if they do not have correct data or right experience to make decision. That Decision can cost you money and customer goodwill. ERP proves you accuracy and correct report to MAKE RIGHT DECSION!
  • Improved visibility: If customers want to know when their order will ship or if you need to know whether you have enough of a critical component to accept a rush the order, an ERP system gives you quick and instant visibility into your operations/warehouse and your supply chain.
  • financial ,Closing-end month: ERP systems can automatically generate many times of tractions & reports that can simplify period-end closings. They can give your overview and highlights the data so you can investigate quickly, and they simplify repetitive journal entries and other activities that make closing so complex and time consuming..
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Customers always want accurate delivery dates, and ERP system can provide them with delivery to customer and stock report to your department,
  • Manage & Control Cost