Food & Beverages POS System

The right restaurant POS system for your business

Choose the POS that fits with your industry and find out why WebtechMyanmar POS is right for you.

Offer a smoother ordering experience

Give your wait staff more time to tend to diners’ requests. Taking orders at the table on an iPad or iPhone makes the ordering process more efficient for both your staff and your customers.

Accept all forms of payment

There’s no need to restrict your customers. Depending on your processor, you can take cash, debit, credit card payments — even Apple Pay!

Stand out from the competition

Leave a lasting impression. Customize your receipts by adding your logo, contact information or add a QR code that links to your website or Facebook page — anything that gets your customers to remember who you are and stay in touch.

Cut down on wait time

Dealing with a long line up? Send in employees with iPad minis to take orders on the fly. Faster service means happier customers.

Prevent theft

By managing your employee permissions, you maintain control of your business and ensure you know what’s happening at all times.

Simple to set up

You don’t need to sacrifice style for efficiency. Setting up your hardware and software is simple and the sleek design fits any environment.

Leave a lasting impression

Customizing your receipts by adding your logo or a QR code that links to your website or social media pages encourages customers to stay in touch.

Expand effortlessly

Whether you’re looking to open a new location or develop your own franchise, if you use our point of sale for restaurants, all it takes is a few clicks to add new locations.

Upsell your customers

Increase profits on every meal you serve by creating pop-ups for certain menu items that remind your wait staff to make additional suggestions to customers.

Modify your menu easily

Build every item on your menu online, with the option to include photos, descriptive names and prices. Any changes you make are instantly sent to all of your restaurants.