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Why choose e-Wallet Mobile Apps?

e-Wallet mobile app has started dominating the online payment market and is increasingly being preferred for quick and fuse-free transactions. Thus, this is an easier way to get rid of the waiting time to pay bills or transfer money than the traditional method.  Further, an e-Wallet app requires a different set of features depending on the target market. We understand this very well, therefore, we have a huge stack of features readily available to infuse into your mobile payment app.

Webtech Myanmar is a Top e-Wallet Mobile Apps Development Company in Yangon and the Best Online Payment Apps Provider Mobile Company. Services include in-demand customization, fully-protected digital wallet app, mobile payment application, and e-Wallet mobile app development company for Android, iOS, and iPhone.

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e-Wallet Mobile Apps Features

If you have decided to have an e-Wallet, it is essential to determine which mobile wallet you need. Apart from the payment method, the features with which your mobile application is integrated will also affect the overall mobile app development. Here is the list of our features:

1. Customer Onboarding

We create a seamless onboarding experience for your customers to improve retention.

2. Transaction History

Users can check all the previous transactions that they have made on the mobile payment application itself.

3. Add Money

Users can add and store funds to the mobile app digital wallet to use for online services and payments.

4. PIN, Fingerprints, and Retina Scans

We are all about security that’s why users are asked to set a four-digit secured pin, fingerprints or retina scan authentication to enable instant transactions.

5. Send and Receive Funds

Users can now easily enter the recipient’s phone number or they could scan the barcode of the recipient’s application to send money.

6. Bill Payments

The e-Wallet app facilitates you to pay your essential bills such as electricity, water tax, and phone bills in the most convenient way.

7. 24×7 Help Support

This is one of the essential features for your customers face any problem-related to payment or any other service, then you need to offer help to your customers.

8. Refer a Friend

Refer a friend is a type of promotional feature or tool where you ask or urge the user to spread the application for which they will be offered with lucrative offers and attractive discounts on every transaction.

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e-Wallet Mobile Apps Admin Panel

1. Dashboard

The admin dashboard is very personalized to give the administrator an overview of the entire online payment business.

2. User Management

The admin is able to see the list of users using the application and also can restrict them from specific features and services.

3. Reporting

To make reporting simpler for the admin to interpret, the admin panel provides advanced analytics and reporting.

4. Merchant Management

The panel allows the admin to integrate special offers to the merchant services for better revenues.

5. Track Payment

To ensure payments are transferred successfully, admins can see the transactions overview holistically.

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