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Webtech Myanmar Ewallet System

Webtech Myanmar Ewallet offers an open platform technology for Contact‐Less payments and mobile wallets with unique security features. An ewallet , sometimes called as digital wallet, is a secure place that contains one or more currency purses. Your shoppers or customers can fund an ewallet in several different ways. Once funded, they can use ewallets online to buy any goods or services.

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Accept payments worldwide, secure transperently and efficiently

Value-added services

Offering added value and strengthening customer loyality


Multiple Load/Payment Options

Mobile Payment

Enable cashless payment at every POS

Digital Currency Card

Innovate card technology


Virtual, Mobile, Card Transfers

International Debit Card

Save money on international transactions and foreign ATM fees.

Loyality and Offers

Reduce payment defaults, increase sales and profit


Great way to make it more user-friendly and connect with new audiences.

Functionality Highlight

Webtech Myanmar Ewallet software is designed for the easiest integration with 3rd party providers for you.



Full set of payments operations

–   P2P money transfers

–   Top-up & Withdrawal

–   Payment acceptance includes Recurring payment &

–  Subscription, Invoicing

–  Dispute Resolution Services: Refund, Charge back, Partial refund & charge back

–  Mass Payment

The concept of actors includes

–    Primary actors: an individual, a merchant & mass-pay

–    Services actors: CFO, Compliance, Anti-fraud, Cashier,           Accountant, Exchange, Customer Support

Money exchange

–  Transaction authorization through EMV cryptogram validation and PIN management

Fees & Limits for all types of operations

–  with an end-to-end solution at one-stop payment platform


–  Issuing & redeem of Prepaid cards & Gift cards

Powerful reporting

–  with one provider including International, domestic or white label


–  Cashback, Bonuses, Points & Discounts

Payment Gateway

–  Aggregation type of payment gateway


–  Multi-currency accounts for Clients

The concept of actors includes

–    Primary actors: an individual, a merchant & mass-pay

–    Services actors: CFO, Compliance, Anti-fraud, Cashier, Accountant, Exchange, Customer Support

Ewallet Software Development Company in Myanmar

eWallet Solutions

  • Send and Receive Money Online Securely.
  • Deposit Money Locally and Pay Worldwide.
  • Accept Payments on Your Website Instantly.
  • Competitively Low Transaction Fees.
  • Easy Implementation on Your Website.
  • Secure Data Transfer. (SSL Encryption).
  • All Common Payout Methods.
  • Multi-Currency Payment Accounts.
  • Protect your online purchases, transfer and withdraw funds instantly & securely worldwide.
  • Instant Increase in Revenue.
  • Accepted at most.
Ewallet Software Development Company in Yangon
Ewallet Software Development

Use eMoney Wallets Easily

  • Easily create eMoney accounts for your merchants, crowdfunders or freelancers with instant transfers between Accounts
  • Allow buyers, funders and customers to pay directly into Accounts
  • Easy transfers from eMoney accounts into Bank Accounts
  • Easy compliance with integrated KYC and KYB services
  • Integrated risk engine

Business Cases

  • Payment acceptance
  • Ewallets
  • Issuing Virtual money
  • Prepaid cards
  • Mobile POS
  • Payment processing
  • Money exchange
  • Gift cards
  • P2P money transfer
  • Mass-payment service
Ewallet Payment System

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