Newspaper Mobile apps

Why Newspaper Mobile Apps

The newspaper apps are increasingly gaining prominence amongst innovative publishers going in for news apps rather than mobile websites or social media networks. In this case, we developing a newspaper app is much more durable in the present scenario in Singapore. The concept of mobile app, especially the e-newspaper give beneficial compared to rented online space bookings. 

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If you want your News and Magazines app to be popular and credible, you need to build a trust and reliability in your newsreader. And a large part of this comes from the structure, design and accessibility of your news app. Simply, your news app should be newsworthy companion app. We are one of the top news mobile application developers who have down the years experience and skills for news mobile app development and magazine application development. We have relied on the market insights and keep up with the latest trend; to deliver the piece of information in the form of news, blogs, articles, and much more, we use different formats to make your app user-friendly and engaging.

Newspaper Mobile Apps Features

Newspaper Apps Development Company in Myanmar
  • Flip your device and read the newspaper as a double-page spread or full screen single page, tap the page selector to choose a specific page to fast-navigate to. You can also download and save individual pages to enjoy offline and when you are on the go.

    • Registration: Users should have the facility to register to log in to the app and access the news articles. 
    1. User Profile: Every newspaper should maintain a user profile where the customer registers preferences.
    2. Push notifications: Users like to get snippets of information before they read the entire news. The newspaper app can do so by pushing notifications at regular intervals.
    3. Filtering Options: The app that facilitates the filtering of breaking news into different categories like sports, politics, finance, art, and others is more popular
    4. Social media implementation: Users love to share interesting news articles with their friends and loved ones through social media. 
    5. Search Options:  A search option should be the ideal one where the user can navigate to users preferred content by typing in a few words.
    6. Updates: The news keeps arriving every minute. Hence, the newspaper app should have the updating facility every five minutes or so depending on the circumstances.
    7. Offline facilities: The offline feature enables the users to download news stories when online and accessing them in detail when users is offline. 
    8. Choose your Favourites: This option allows users to choose their favourite sections. It also helps the newspaper apps to increase their base.

High-power technology stack for your Newspaper Mobile Apps

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