Prepaid Card Solution

Our Prepaid Card solution can be is easily paired virtual card to plastic prepaid card system.  eWallet account issued with prepaid cards can be used online or at any store that accepts prepaid card, allowing you easy access to your eWallet account balance and ready to use anytime at anywhere as internationally.


Webtech Myanmar is Best Virtual Prepaid Card Solution Company in Yangon Myanmar. Get Virtual Card Solution at best price. International Debit Card, Visa Card, Master Card integration Solution. Hire Virtual Card Services Providers.


API stack is grouped into featured sets making integration easy and straightforward.

  – Prepaid Services

  – Card Issuance Services

  – Value Transfer Services

  – Cross-Border Services

  – Multiple Currency Services

  – Activity Account Set-up

  – Prepaid Management

  – Activity Account Services

  – Prepaid Alerts

  – Prepaid Statements

  – Inquiry Services

  – Tokenizations

  – Authorizations

  – Sign-on Credentials

  – Prepaid Restrictions

  – Device Type.

Create, Test and Deploy

Prepaid on Your Terms


Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency Support, Real-Time Posting, Contact less Payment, Account and Role-Based Security


Instant Issuance, SDD Full KYC Programs, Admin & Reporting, Analytics Tools, Fraud Risk and Monitoring, OFAC & World Check


Virtual & Physical Cards, Dynamic Security Code, Closed & Open Loop, Peer-to-peer (P2P), Co and Dual-Branding


API & widget libraries for developers and programs managers to test new programming code

We integrate and provide consultation on various card
such as prepaid card, Visa, and others.


Generally Cards Globally Accepted

Prepaid card gives you loads of advantages and international acceptability. You can also choose for a non-physical NFC card that can reside in your mobile phone for contactless payments. With our card, you can :

 – Load from Any Bank account, Domestic or International

 – Pay Directly to Any Bank account, Domestic or International

 – Pay at any POS terminals around the globe

 – Withdraw local currency from any ATMs (Physical Card Only)

 – Access to a portal for card management and loading.

 – International card program.

 – Available in major currencies.

 – Instant issuance available.

Solutions for Businesses

Our prepaid card also offers programs for businesses of all sizes to manage and simplify their spending and payroll.

Small Business

Keep your personal and business expenses separate.


Reward employees and customers using prepaid cards.


Cut costs and save time with paperless payroll solutions.

Tips Networks

Simplify tip management and checkouts. Seamlessly distribute tips to employees.

Card Issuing and Management

Card Management System

 – Issue and manage cards, process transactions, set up fees, with multiple currencies supported

Virtual and Plastic Cards

 – Customers have the convenience of shopping online or offline using the flexible card options.

Authorization Server

 – Manage balances, currencies, charge backs and more within one service.

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