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Whether you’re currently using a restaurant reservation system or are interested in getting started, Webtech Myanmar offers unparalleled cost-effectiveness, wide-spanning capabilities and an easy-to-navigate user interface.

Share your menu with your regular customers and start taking online delivery and pick up orders. Collect customer data and eliminate high commissions -your online menu, your relationships, your profit.

  • Offer mobile ordering for table service
  • Start offering delivery and collection
  • Improve customer loyalty and order frequency

Restaurant Apps Features

Mobile Payment

Grab a coffee and meals while your guests are paying their checks through their mobile phones

Customized Branding

Change colors, fonts, add your business logo and reflect your branding with one click

Smart Recommendation

Powered technology identifies the most preferred order combinations of items.

Weekly Analysis

Keeps track of what your customers do to help you with menu management.

24/7 Support

Our support team helps you
in support 24/7


We provide integrates more than 30 platforms to streamline your restaurant’s ordering process

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