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Payments made easy and secure

Our e-Wallet is a new way to pay friends, family, and business associates with an e-Wallet account. With our e-Wallet software provider, each user can add money by linking a bank account and managing money on their phone or computer with our e-Wallet dashboard.

Webtech Myanmar e-Wallet Software offers an open platform technology for contactless payments and mobile wallets with unique security features through tokenization. We are the leading e-Wallet Software Development Company in Yangon, Myanmar, thus, your online transactions are safe and secured. 

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Send and Receive Funds
Our e-Wallet is a limitless tool that enables its users to send money at any time.
Make Purchases
Our e-Wallet is a limitless tool that allows its users to make purchases anywhere at any time!
Connect with People
Transferring funds to a friend or business associate’s account is quick and secure with us.
Webtech Myanmar e-Wallet

Choose unique features with a customizable theme to showcase your services.

Send and Receive Money Online Securely

Deposit Money Locally and Pay Worldwide

Accept Payments on Your Website Instantly

Competitive Low-Transaction Fee

Easy Implementation on Your Website

Secure Data Transfer

Multi-Currency Payment Accounts

Ewallet Software Development Company in Myanmar
Easy, secure and reliable
A payment experience built for the future

Webtech Myanmar guarantees great user experience and also offers mobile app maintenance services to existing mobile apps.

Ewallet Software Development Company in Myanmar
  • Easily create e-Wallet  accounts for your merchants, crowd funders or freelancers with instant transfers between accounts
  • Allow buyers, funders, and customers to pay directly into accounts
  • Easy withdrawals from e-Wallet accounts into banks
  • Easy compliance with integrated KYC and KYB services
  • Integrated risk engine
First impression is everything!
Transform your e-Wallet with us