Easy Integration with Webtech Myanmar

Connect with Webtech Myanmar software that you’re already using, or develop custom integrations with our API.


White Label Merchant Back Office

Customizable merchant back office interface fully integrated with brand identify.

  • Your Brand Logo
  • Your URL
  • Email notification with your brand

Fully Responsive interface supporting multiple resolutions and devices including desk stations,tablets and smartphones.

Powerful Dashboard providing actionable insights based on real time analysis of the transaction

Multi-level User support to manage access right.

Easy Integration Kits

Our ready to use integration kits will allow your merchants to integrate instantly. The white label documentation will complement your service.

Multiple Integration Options with Sample Code

    • Standard Integration
    • REST API Integration
    • Mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS

Support Multiple Technologies

  • JAVA, JSP, PHP, Curl, Python, Ruby and many more

Our APIs to support multiple formats

  • Form based, XML based, JSON based APIs

White Label Standard Checkout

Fully responsive payment page which can be customized as per your brand & identify or can be configured as per your merchant’s identify.

Responsive Page

Support for multiple languages

Customize to reflect Partner/Merchant identify

  • Logo
  • URL
  • Theme Color

Ready to Use Shopping Cart Plugins

Our ready to use third party plugins will enable the merchants to integrate instantly with their existing shopping cart.

Supported platforms include:

  • Magento
  • Magento 2.0
  • Opencart
  • OsCommerce
  • ZenCart
  • Woo Commerce

Multiple Payment Instruments

Webtech Myanmar platform provide various payment instruments to cater the need of different businesses and merchants. A Single platform integrating all possible payment instruments lets you start your PSP immediately.

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Not Banking
  • Vouchers
  • SEPA Express

Invoicing Solution

Webtech Myanmar provides a unique solution of invoicing that enables the merchant to raise an online invoice and get paid online. Merchant can Generate, Share, Cancel and Regenerate the invoices and can also send reminder to their customers through e-Mail or SMS.

  • Invoice Management
  • Using Back Office Site
  • Customize invoicing
  • Various Security Checks
  • Based on E-mail ID & Mobile No
  • Security Key
  • C-token

Easy Merchant Management

Webtech Myanmar provide powerful Partner interface to manage all their merchant accounts.

  • Boarding Manager
  • To manage Merchant Application
  • Risk Tracker
  • To monitor Merchant Account
  • Merchant Account Set
  • Up through Partner Interface
  • Managing Charge back, Frauds & Settlements for various merchants
  • Real Time MIS Report
  • Fraud, Refund, Chargebacks